Monday, 26 February 2018

Still Waiting for Spring

Those dead, brown leaves are rattling in a February wind. But the tree is not dead in winter. This one is very much alive! You can see it the second photo. I bend a twig (no, I did not break it) to show the beautiful buds. Inside the buds are the miniature beginnings of new leaves.

I'm in AWE of what GOD has created for our enjoyment.

Deze boom lijkt helemaal dood De bruine blaadjes ritselen in de koude februariwind. Maar de boom is juist zo levend als wat! Kijk maar naar de tweede foto. Knopjes met daarin het begin van NIEUW leven. Een groen puntje zelfs.

Still Waiting for Spring!


  1. Nice photos. Have a blessed day . Madeline

  2. Love what happens in spring, nature is amazing. Take care Diane

  3. Beautiful captures. Spring will be here soon!

  4. Lovely photos. Yes, even those dead looking trees have life in them, waiting to burst forth in spring.God is so good.

  5. These are cool pictures, Aritha. We're still waiting for Spring as well, but I know it's coming cause I see the Pink blossom trees starting to grace my town.



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