Saturday, 3 February 2018


My husband sent me pics out of the town of Tiel (founded in the 5th century AD). This town is enclosed by the Waal river and the Linge river on the south and the north side, and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal on the east side. On the pics you see the Waal river. HIGH WATER!


Mijn man stuurde deze foto's. Vaak gaat hij tijdens zijn pauze even langs de dijk lopen. Met hoog water vorige maand was dat natuurlijk heel fascinerend. Parkeerterrein onder water en de pont uit de vaart.


The quay (photo 1 and 2) is located outside the dikes. During extreme high water this quay (with parking) was this under water in January. Please don't park your car here 😉

  • VIDEO!!! ↴


The pictures below are from last week. It was dreary weather. But I'm happy with all the photos my husband is sending to me.  Notice the boat! And do you love the beautiful reflection in the last one?

De foto's hieronder zijn in een andere week genomen. Beetje somber maar ik ben echt zo blij met alle foto's die hij stuurt. Gewoon leuk om even contact te hebben en ik weet wel een plekje om ze te bewaren: hier dus!

💓How was your week?

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  1. I know the Netherlands uses lots of engineering to help keep the water in check there...these pictures are very interesting to me. Hope it is dry where you are Aritha.

  2. Het water is inderdaad goed hoog op sommige plaatsen in Nederland.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  3. That is a lot of water.The reflections look amazing.

  4. Water is rising to cause some problems, hopefully it is not too bad. The reflection photo is amazing, I love it!

  5. We have had 206 mm of rain in January, everything is saturated and lower levels are flooded. meanwhile other places like Capetown in South Africa have a sever drought and the town is running out of water, very serious. Diane

  6. Yes...that last one is my favorite, with the tree reflecting in the water. That's a lot of rain! I hope no lives were lost. We've had deaths from floods in the US. So very sad! Thanks for joining in and sharing these great fotos. HOPE you have a great weekend, sweet Lady! <3

  7. Yes, the reflection of the tree in the water is so pretty. Wow, the town of Tiel got an abundance of water! It has rained here a little this Winter, but we need more rain. Your husband took some pretty photos of this area.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, Aritha.


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  9. Goodness, that is a lot of water! Beautiful reflection indeed in the last photo. Enjoyed your post today! This is my first visit here, we are friends on Instagram, isn't that a fun place :)

  10. Beautiful, even though a little bit worrying photos. I hope the unusual weather doesn't cause damages.
    I noticed that my blog list (in my sidebar) shows that your most recent post is "Golden flowers". I tried to add you again, but the thing didn't change, we'll see.
    Are you on Instagram? :)
    Have a happy week! xx


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