Tuesday, 22 January 2019


On the border between the villages of Veenendaal and Ede (The Netherlands) is a natural border called: The Green Border. It is a beautiful area with lots of water, marsh and nice plank bridges. I wrote about it HERE. 

I walked carefully, very carefully over the frozen bridge. To my surprise the bridge was not slippery but the wooden planks were cracking under my snow boots and I did not like that. So I went halfway and took pictures from the magnificent winter world around me.

  • Walking on frozen plank bridge

De Groene Grens is mooi natuurreservaat tussen Veenendaal en Ede. Ik schreef er al eerder over. Dat bericht kun je HIER lezen. Toen was het herfst. Nu zag het er zo anders uit. Ik durfde bijna niet op de brug te lopen. Voorzichtig proberen maar. Tot mijn verrassing was de brug niet glad. Maar het hout kraakte heel erg en dat vond ik eng.

Ik was er helemaal alleen en stel je voor dat ... Ik liep tot halverwege de brug en maakt foto's van de prachtige winterwereld om me heen. Geniet je mee? Toen ik de brug afliep maakte ik onderstaande foto. En daaronder: mijn fiets.

About the weather today:
Before noon clouds with light snowfall will dominate. The evening will bring clouds with rain or sleet. Morning temperatures will be around -3 °C. During the day they will rise to a maximum of 2 °C. Low temperatures at night will be around 0°C. Southerly winds are moderate to brisk. (Source: Weather in Amsterdam)
☃  Ben serieus benieuwd of we een beetje sneeuw krijgen in midden Nederland!


  1. Prachtige foto's.
    Wat mooi deze winterse plaatjes.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  2. You are a blogging machine, Aritha, and your bike is becoming famous! Thanks for sharing these lovely winter scenes. I am leading a nature walk again this morning, but it is going to be very cold when we set out, right around minus 21 degrees C. Wanna come?

  3. The beauty of your country parallels that of winter in my area in South Central Ontario. We just experienced three days of -23C temperature with winds making it colder but the beauty is abundant. I have visited the Netherlands again in August 2018. I always love my stays.

  4. What a great set of photos but I would not walk out on that bridge with no railing!!! Please be careful, Diane

  5. Great photos. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. All your pictures are beautiful.
    Like the bridge. You're right wooden bridges are usually slippery.

  7. Ha Aritha, pracht die winter foto's. En ja hoor, ik geniet met je mee.
    Groet Kees.

  8. Oh, what lovely pictures these are, Aritha. And kind of scary walking on a frozen bridge. There's just something about bridges that are so charming. My kids used to play on one when they were little and would imagine and dream and be creative. These pictures are really nice, and I love how nature looks covered in this white wonder.


  9. Thanks for sharing these Spectacular photos!!!
    Warm regards
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  10. Oh wow! You captured some stunning beauty in these images.

  11. Quite peaceful at this time of year.

  12. Zeker geniet ik mee.
    Wat is de wereld dan wondermooi he Aritha...

  13. It reminds me of my walking on a suspension bridge (rope bridge) during a trip in the south part of the country, not far from the turbulent Gaza strip.
    It was scarry. I was shaking. I wouldn't do it again unless I have to.

  14. I would have been afraid to walk on the boards...afraid I would slip and fall in the water! You surely got some nice shots, though.

  15. Dit zijn prachtige winter foto's.
    Mooi zo de rijp op het riet.
    Groetjes Irma

  16. Via, via ben ik op jouw prachtige blog terecht gekomen.
    Schitterende winter foto's Aritha, ze hebben een prachtige sfeer en compositie !

  17. Hoi Aritha,
    Prachtig al deze winterse plaatjes.
    Bijzonder om het rijp zo aan de takjes te zien. Mooie foto's hoor!!

    Groetjes, Marco

  18. Such beautiful photographs, the light in them is amazing.
    I enjoyed the video clip too.

    All the best Jan



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