Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tompoes on King's Day

Today it is King's Day here in The Netherlands. Our king celebrated his 49th birthday. At this special day we always eat tompouces. The filling is invariably very sweet, yellow pastry cream.

All about the Tompoes
How to eat a tompoes? Watch this VIDEO  and smile! And read what Heather is writing about the tompoes.

Tompoes? Incredibly sweet!


  1. Happy King's Day! I would truly love to eat a tompoes as it looks so so delicious and sweet!
    Thank you for your visit and for sharing the information regarding the kissing gate I featured!
    You are most welcome to follow and I look forward to following you also! I must say that i was greatly encouraged when I read your blog post about not worrying nor fearing death as nothing can separate us from God's unfailing love!

  2. A lovely photo and a delicious looking dessert. I would also like to extend my birthday greetings - hopefully that is appropriate - to King Willem-Alexander on this very special day. Wishing you a very happy Kings Day :)

  3. Leuke foto, Hmmm Heerlijk die tompoes.
    Groetjes Kees.

  4. Hmmmm dat ziet er lekker uit, ik heb er alleen niet wat gehaald ;-))
    Groetjes Tinie


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