Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My little red camera

I got a little digital camera from my husband. It's so fun to try what kind of pictures I can take with it. It's fun but also exciting. Certain things I don't know how to do.  For example, a close up (with blurred background). 

Ik kreeg een kleine, digitale camera van mijn man. Het is zo leuk om te kijken wat voor foto's ik ermee kan maken. Leuk en spannend. Sommige dingen weet ik echt niet hoe het moet. Bijvoorbeeld een close up van een bloem met een vervaagde achtergrond.

I will show a some pictures, taken with this little, red camera.

Ik laat een paar plaatjes zien, genomen met deze kleine, rode camera.

But also this :-) No, its not easy

Maar ik nam ook deze. Nee, het is niet zo gemakkelijk!


  1. Your little red camera is a thoughtful and wonderful gift from your husband, and you took super photos!!! You have a beautiful daughter(?) and I love her dress with the feathers on her shoulder. It is always fun to get used to a new camera. I wish you many happy hours using it.

  2. Excellent performance from your little pocket camera. I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot SX 700 HS 30X and have been very pleased with the quality of my macro and landscape photos.

  3. That red camera takes some nice photos. You'll love it!

  4. The yellow flower photo is very pretty. I'm still learning how to take different types of shots with my camera. It's so fun to practice, though.

  5. That is a pretty camera and takes such wonderful shots! I can imagine it's so fun to use that tiny red beauty :)

    An invitation for you:
    Please join in my new new linkup - Flower Wednesday - It would be lovely to se your wonderful photos there!

  6. Love your little red camera. It takes great pictures. Red is my favorite color.

  7. Hoi.

    Mooi cameraatje, die mooie foto's maakt.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  8. Hi Jedidja, This will be interesting to follow along and see how the Little Red Camera works out for you. I really like the results in the first three photos. Canon is an excellent brand and the 18x optical zoom ... wow! Looking forward to more pictures!

  9. Hello, I like all these pictures, the light and colours are really beautiful.
    My favourite is the last one. It's lovely!

  10. Even little cameras can make amazing photos! Well done!!

  11. I was scrolling through, enjoying your photos, but I had to comment when I saw this camera. I have the very same one, it's even red! I carry it with me all the time and really like it.

  12. I loved the red camera! and off course the pics too.


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