Thursday, 1 June 2017

Passing Ships on Dutch River

The Waal or Rivier Waal (Waal River) is the main distributary branch of river Rhine flowing through the Netherlands. Approximately 80 km, it is the major waterway connecting the port of Rotterdam to Germany. My husband works in Tiel, a town along the river and he made these pictures with his Phone :-)
Vanaf de Waalkade
Op de foto zie je de Waal bij Tiel, de drukst bevaren rivier van Europa. Mijn man maakt deze foto's van passerende schepen met zijn mobiel, toen hij op de Waalkade stond. Altijd zo mooi, die boten! En altijd blij met zulke foto's ...

He also made a very short video
Hij maakte ook een video

  • What's the nearest river to where you live?
  • My answer: The Rhine


  1. Das haben wir gemeinsam! Ich wohne am Rhein, am Übergang vom Mittelrhein zum Niederrhein. Ich finde das ganz wunderbar.

    1. Das is schön, Astrid! Romantische Rijn :-)

  2. Very nice photos. The Bredagh River is a few minutes from where we live. It has a trail that takes you through some woods. I haven't been on it yet but will have to plan a hike and get some photos to post.

  3. So interesting to see the large boats on the river!
    The river
    Lagan is our nearest river which flows into Belfast, the main port.

  4. Kudos to your husband! The river is beautiful as are his photographs!

  5. Lovely photos! I would love to see the Rhine one day. I like learning more about Netherlands.

  6. A pretty sight. Reminds me of the Ohio River here. Lots of barge traffic. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love visiting the Netherlands from my cozy arm chair here in Alabama, USA. You always show such interesting things to me Aritha. Thank You!!

  8. I love seeing your country. Maybe one day I will see it in person. My closest major river would be the Chattahoochee River. There are some minor ones probably a bit closer, but I think this one would be the one that shows up on a map. One closer would be the Blackwater River. Both are in the panhandle of Florida, USA. The Chattahoochee has a famous county song by Alan Jackson about it, called "Way Down Yonder on the Chattahoochee."

  9. Interesting post with some great photos and video. We have small rivers here in Alabama but the closest major river would be the Mississippi River. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  10. Very interesting Ships!! Great post! We live near the St. John's River, which runs north instead of south, and empties into the Atlantic ocean. It was a well known passageway into the interior of the state of Florida for passengers and supplies until trains and automobiles took over. Have a blessed day my friend across the sea!!

  11. Altijd mooie Aritha, water trekt altijd en daar krijg je de schepen gewoon bij.
    Groet kees.

  12. Hello Aritha! You will not be surprised that I love your boat/ship pictures! Very nice and I enjoyed them all. My favorite is the Zwijndrecht. Thank you for sharing! Warm greetings to you from Washington State, USA.

  13. That river flows fast! I like the ship pictures a lot.
    The nearest river to me is "Tom's River" which flows into Barnegat Bay.


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