Monday, 16 October 2017


Hurricane Ophelia hits Ireland today and is dragging (or blowing) warm air to other parts of Western - Europa. The temperature was rising to 24-25C today. Today was the warmest 16th of October in De Bilt since the beginning of the temperature measurements in 1901.


In October, the average temperature in the Netherlands is 10.7 degrees. The average is almost 4 degrees colder than September. Strange weather now ...


Omdat het herfstvakantie is fröbel ik wat vaker een blogje in elkaar een paar foto's. Vandaag over het warme weer dat we hebben door de orkaan boven Ierland. Ik ging een tuin in om wat foto's te maken. Eén van de laatste mini zonnebloemen, een witje op de lavendel en de herfstbladeren van de eiken naast ons huis.

Vreemd was dat: die warmte. Even geen dikke kleren vandaag! Klik HIER om de gemiddelde temperatuur  oktober te bekijken.


Many Dutch schoolchildren are enjoying their autumn break this week! So the warm weather is surprising for us! 

  • I try to write more often this week 😊


  1. We got our first really chilly morning today Aritha. Last week was Fall Break for many school children here.

  2. The weather here is also good. Having said that, the hurricanes and tornadoes seem to have been extra bad for many places this year. have a good week Diane

  3. Ha Aritha, Mooie foto van de Zonnebloem, ja het is weer even 'n paar dagen genieten van het zonnetje, Heerlijk.
    Groet kees

  4. Interesting to read about your autumn weather and temperatures. The children here went back to school today after fall break.

  5. I'm wondering if that's a sunflower? I've never taken a picture of it from behind, that's beautiful. I hope you are enjoying these Autumn days. Thank you for your thoughts on the fires in California. I do hope we get rain!


  6. Hi Ariths, we are having warm weather here too. It is pretty windy here right now with a little rain. South of us, 360,000 people have lost power and they say it could reach up to 500,000. Hopefully it will die down when it passes over us. We are almost at the top of the country so that might help.
    Good luck, hopefully it won't bother you.

  7. I love the light filtering through the petals of the flower.

  8. Seems like everywhere the weather is different than normal.
    Beautiful pictures.

  9. Prachtig de Zonnebloem en de Vlinder.

    Groettie van Patricia.


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