Friday, 1 February 2019


Cycling or walking every day. Today it is too slippery to cycle. So, I walked to the village to get some medicine. And photographed some flowers. Frozen flowers. Flowers with a snow and ice on it.

Common gorse (?) 
Gisteren was het hier te glad om te fietsen. Maar ik moest medicijnen hebben. Daarom ging ik te voet naar het dorp. Onderweg kwam ik kleurige bloemen tegen. Sneeuwbloemen. Als je goed oplet, zie je ze. Krokussen in de sneeuw zijn zo leuk! En gele gaspeldoorn.

'Let's chill together' 

  • What’s your favorite (snow) day activity?

    1. They are beautiful, even frozen.

    2. Ha! Just "chillin'" here, too. :-)

    3. Prachtige foto's van deze bevroren bloemetjes.

      Groettie van Patricia.

    4. My favorite thing to do when it snows, which is not often here, is to stay indoors. Have a blessed day. Madeline

    5. I love to take a walk in the woods with my dog when the snow is softly falling... Not a fan of the ice...but it does make good ice forts, which is what we did for the BLOOD MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE! Stay warm...

    6. Those poor flowers look cold. I love to just sit and watch it snow. There is something relaxing about that.

    7. I guess those flowers thought it was spring! They were a bit too hasty and now they are frozen in time. I guess that is a good lesson for patient and wait on God!! The pictures are interesting and lovely! Take care and be careful of the ice.

    8. Weer heel mooi gevonden Aritha, sneeuw levert altijd weer mooie plaatjes op.
      Groet Kees.

    9. That second photo really got to me, as Purple is my favorite color. : )



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