Saturday, 5 January 2019


Queens of the winter flowers: Camellia. I saw this one blooming in my neighbor's garden. I really love to see the beautiful camellias blooming during the coldest of seasons. It makes me so happy. I made some photos, with permission.

And I had also a chat with the neighbor ... it was a good conversation.

I've read that having someone close by to socialize with can create wonderful friendships. That is the reality in our street, between this couple and us: friendship. 

Friendship is like a flower, with love & care, it grows stronger


De ‘Tiffany’ groeit in de tuin van onze vrienden en (zij)buren. Prachtige lichtroze bloemen. Ik dacht serieus dat het rozen waren maar na wat onderzoek bleek dat niet het geval te zijn. De Camillia japonica ‘Tiffany’ wordt volgens het internet bij ons in Nederland ook wel de Japanse roos genoemd. Het fleurt me echt op om bloemen te zien op een grauwe dag als vandaag. 

🌸 Wat voor bloemen bloeien er op dit moment in jouw buurt? 

Special for David owner of Travels With Birds and other bird lovers... I am reading such a great book during the Winter Holidays. It is written by Stephen Moss and in my language it is called: Het roodborstje. I follow the lifecycle of this little bird from the time it enters the world as an egg, through its time as a nestling and juvenile, to the adult bird; via courtship, song, breeding, feeding, etc. Beautiful colour illustrations. Moss's prettily illustrated book is full of such curiosities.

🐦What is your favorite bird and why?


Voor alle vogelliefhebbers, deze vakantie lees ik in Het roodborstje en het is zo'n mooi boek. Stephen Moss is ornitholoog, schrijven van vogelboeken en producer van natuurprogramma’s voor de BBC en ik vind het heel raar om te zeggen mar zijn schrijfstijl heeft een soort slow-down effect. Je wordt er een beetje rustig van. 

Op de achterkant staat: 

Het roodborstje is een hartverwarmend lees- , kijk- en bladerboek over een eigenzinnig vogeltje; prachtig geïllustreerd, verrijkt met uniek bronnen- en beeld materiaal. Een natuurklassieker die iedere vogelliefhebber zal koesteren.

🐦 Wat is jou favoriete vogel en waarom?

In my pic below our  European robin, known simply as the robin or robin redbreast and in Dutch: roodborstje. 

Ik maakte deze foto's op één van onze vakantie op de Veluwe.

🌸 What type of flower is growing in your area?


  1. Good morning Aritha: Thanks for the link to my blog and also the recommendation for the book. I have several works on the European Robin, but this one is new to me and I will keep an eye out for it. It is really important to have good neighbours and I am happy that the Camellia helped you to cement the relationship. As for colour in our gardens, there is very little at this time of the year. It is either brown and lifeless or covered in snow. Spring will come, however, and there are tulips and daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops all waiting to burst forth. You asked about my favourite bird. This is a difficult question to answer because it depends a great deal on where I am and what my mood is at the time. However, having said that, if I had no other choice but to pick one it is Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus). This cheerful little bird is a companion on even the coldest day and does not hesitate to land on your hand if you offer a little seed. For many it establishes a link between them and wild creatures. Next week I will be leading a walk for my naturalists'club and high on the list for all the adult children will be the chance to hand feed a chickadee. It is a fabulous experience, totally free of charge, and causes no harm to the environment. How great is that!

  2. What a beautiful flower, and same for the robin.

  3. Hallo Aritha, Ja daar wordt je blij van, bij ons op het balkon bloeit nog een roze Geranium, En het is toch januari dus wintertijd. Mijn favoriete vogeltje is ook het roodborstje, maar daar naast de koolmees omdat die vlak voor ons raam komt eten uit het zaadbakje en van de zaad/vetbol. Het winterkoninkje en het boomkruipertje mogen er ook zijn hoor, zie ze nogal eens in het parkje, maar zijn wel redelijk sluw.
    groetjes kees.

  4. Such a beautiful post, Aritha! Camellias are gorgeous.
    We have about 40 cm of snow now, so no flowers in the garden. :)
    Funnily, my favourite bird is the willow tit (Poecile montanus), the European cousin of the black-capped chickadee David mentioned. :) It's irresistibly cute.
    Thank you for your lovely comments. Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. Beautiful flower, Aritha and it grows in the cold weather, how cool is that. That does sound like an interesting book you're reading.

  6. Great photos of the beautiful flower. We have no flowers blooming. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Lovely flowers and so good to have great neighbours. Glad Ralph was happy with the P.C. Take care Diane

  8. The gorgeous camellia flower brings to mind the famous novel "The dame with the camellias" by A. Dumas - source to many plays, operas, ballets and films.It's about a coutesan who wears a white camellia when available to love making, and a red one when unavailable.

    What a cute little bird the robin is! and one of the most common birds in Europe, methinks.

  9. Sure is nice to such a pretty flower in winter. Nothing at all blooms around here in winter.

  10. Love that photo of your is beautiful. Nice to see the flowers.

    I don't think you meant the question for everyone, but will tell that my favorite bird is the Carolina wren...if you are not familiar with them, look them up and listen to their song! They are just the happiest bird, and such a big, beautiful voice from such a little body!

  11. Love that beautiful flower. No flowers growing outside here right now, but I do have an Amaryllis which has five buds. This is of course inside,

  12. It's so lovely to see your pictures of local birds. My mother made a beautiful cross-stitched bell-pull which I would look at every day because it depicted native birds of Holland including the veluwe, roodburste, vlaamse gaai and others. We have a couple of wild magpies that visit us (I've blogged about them) and a pair of turtleneck doves nesting in the front garden. Other birds in our vicinity are rainbow lorikeets, rosellas, corellas, galahs, crested pigeons, black cockatoos, ducks and ibis. My favourites would have to be the magpies and rosellas for their beautiful songs.
    How interesting that the camillia you thought was a rose turns out to be also known as a Japanese rose! Beautiful!

  13. Ik vind vogels zo mooi, ook het roodborstje.

    Als ik een favoriet moet kiezen wordt het de merel.
    Zijn zang bekoord me, vooral op een zomeravond.

    Het boekje ga ik zeker lezen.

    1. Ja moet je doen. Dat boekje. Het zorg voor slow moments. Rustig zitten enzo.

  14. Hoi Aritha,
    Mooie foto's!!
    Knap ook hoe je dat roodborstje zo hebt weten te fotograferen.
    Veel geluk en gezondheid voor 2019!!

    Groetjes, Marco

    1. Jij ook Marco. Ik wens je een mooi nieuwe jaar.

      Het roodborstje fotografeerde ik vanuit een vakantiehuisje.

  15. HI!I love Camellias,that one is very beautiful!Here is Summer and im my "vase garden" yellow alamandas are blooming.My favorite bird is the great kiskadie (Pitangus sulphuratus) because I see them every day in my home and they made me smile!Happy 2019!

    1. Happy 2019! I have to google for your bird.

  16. What a sweet picture of the European Robin. Your Robin is different than ours here. Ours has an orange belly. They are one of my favorite birds cause they don't scare easily and let me take their picture. I usually see them more in the Spring. To answer your question.... my beloved bird is the Hummingbird for so many reasons. : )

    I hope the new year is being good to you so far.


  17. I love Camellia's and my favourite bird is the robin.

    All the best Jan


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