Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Our New Mill

It was hard to make beautiful pictures of the towermill. The blades of the windmill stood in the wrong direction. If the wind direction changes, the miller will rotate the cap to bring the sails into the wind. I am waiting for it. Saterday I took some pictures with special details. 
Built in 1911

Lattice framework on which a sailcloth is spread

The blue flag: you're welcome to visit the mill
Flour sacks

Small window

We have two mills in our village.
This is the mill we can see out of our window.

  • Kees has also mills on his blog: visit him, please


  1. Hallo Jedidja, prachtige foto's van de molen, mooie strakke blauwe lucht erbij. Leuk dat je mijn blog noemt voor foto's van molens, prima reclame. Dank je wel !.
    Groetjes Kees.

  2. Nice images Jedidja. You have some blue skies and nice weather. I know you will get the image you are waiting for. I like the inside photos of the mill with the flour sacks and the window. Very nice!

  3. Beautiful photos as always, that last shot of the window is gorgeous and I love those blue flags! - Tasha

  4. How wonderful! this is a lovely set of images of the windmill!

  5. Het is je toch prima gelukt om mooie foto's van de molen te maken, opname 4 vind ik heel fraai.

  6. How pretty! You did a wonderful job with your photos.

  7. All the photos of the mill are very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. small window in the mill lokks charming

  9. Nice pictures of some of the details of the windmill.
    How nice that you are able to see it from your home.


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