Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jump in the water? No boy!

Ralph is standing here next to the statue of Nelson Mandela in The Hague. He looks so small beside
this great man. This statue was made by the Dutch sculptor Arie Schippers and this monument is  3,5 meter tall. Wow!
  • Question: How tall is my 12 year old son?  Link
Kleine en grote man
Wat een klein mannetjes lijkt mijn zoon zo. Hij staat naast het standbeeld van Nelson Mandela in den Haag. Het monument is gemaakt door de Nederlander Arie Schipper. Dit monument is 3,5 meter hoog. 
Mandela Monument: 'Long Walk to Freedom'

This statue is near Omniversum. With a screen that spans a massive 36 metres wide x 18 metres high Omniversum is the biggest theatre in The Netherlands. So, Ralph enjoyed viewing three movies there. He chose Oniversum as holiday getaway. Yes! The Netherlands is one of Europe's most kid-friendly countries.

Dit monument staat vlakbij het Omniversum. Omniversum is een grootbeeldfilmtheater. De films worden door een geavanceerde techniek op een enorm projectiescherm geprojecteerd. Ralph heeft het gekozen als vakantie uitje en keek er drie mooie wildlife films:

This was a father and son outing. I had to stay home. Luckely I got nice pictures over the Phone. Photos of tasty ice creams, donuts with powdered sugar, photos of driving in the streets of The Hague. Ralph makes fun with sending me this photo: Will I jump into the water, mama?

Bommetje, mama?
Dit was een vader en zoon uitje. Ik moest thuis blijven. Gelukkig kreeg ik mooie foto's toegezonden. Foto's van lekkere ijsjes, van het rijden door de straten van Den Haag. Ralph had veel plezier met de foto: Bommetje mama?

Cappucino for dad, donut for Ralph
O, no!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing...he better not jump in that icky water, giggling. smiles

  2. The statue is really high

  3. Leuke foto's.
    Leuk het vader/zoon uitje.
    Ziet er goed uit.
    Grote glimlach op zijn gezicht.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  4. Haha, leuk drie films kijken!! Mooi daar! Fijn dat je van een afstandje toch mee mocht genieten!:)

  5. What a fun birthday! My son would already be splashing in that water! The statue is fantastic!

  6. Wat een leuke foto daar bij Mandela!

  7. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! And no, don't jump in the water, Ralph! Loved the photo of Mandela and the father/son outing. Elephants? Do you live near this place?

    I finally got my picture posted in the blog. Thanks for looking!

  8. The Mandela statue is beautiful. I read his book last year and it was fantastic! Your son looks like he was having a grand time with his dad. Nice photos and thank you for sharing a slice of your life.

  9. Love these shots here with your son, it looks like you had a really fun time together! - Tasha

  10. Wow, he does look tall in that last photo! I hope he doesn't fall in!

  11. The statue is tall just as is the stature of the real Mandela!

  12. Sure sounds like a fun day out. : ) Wow that statue is tall.

  13. Ha Jedidja, Leuke foto's zijn het, Ennnn! wat 'n reusachtig standbeeld is het van Mandela.
    Groet Kees.

  14. Enjoyed going along on this visit with your son and husband. That statue is tall. It really looks like they had a good time. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. A wonderful outing you've shared with us. And, I would've never guessed your son's height.

  16. Dearest Jedidja; Oh My♪ I REALLY enjoyed this father and son outing :-) I smiled ans glad to know that your country is one of Europe's most kid-friendly countries. Your son is such sweet looking boy♡♡♡
    I'm a really tiny woman because of the 'hormone disorder', it should be me standing beside the of Nelson Mandela(♡^.^♡) I wasn't be able to blessed with a child but I was lucky that I could start teaching English at home as supplementary education about 30 years ago. I'm so happy to know you have sweet and loves his mother♪ 
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in Europe, xoxo Miyako*

  17. very nice shots, be happy and enjoy yourself...


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