Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Dutch Elections 2017

Dutch parliamentary elections today. Will the Netherlands follow Britain and America in a vote for right-wing populismI hope not! What do you think?
Yes, you need two hands to hold it up.
 I point the Netherlands on my old globe :-)
White plaques on the fence. with the Dutch word for polling station on it.
(school house)

Met Nederlandse nuchterheid  zeg ik: er is veel meer dan stemmen, stembiljetten en  verkiezingen.  Het wordt lente! Tijdens kranten-rondje maakte ik onderstaande foto's. Zeg nou zelf, die bloemen zijn toch veel mooier dan die saaie verkiezingen! Al vind ik de verkiezingen van vandaag toch iets minder saai dan andere keren.

  • Heb jij gestemd? In wat voor soort gebouw?

Have a nice day!


  1. voting is something we should not take for granted. Vote if you can. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Spring is in the air. I am happy about the vote result in the USA.

  3. Your flowers photos are so pretty. When will the tulips bloom? I know the Netherlands are famous for tulips.

    1. Karen, the tulips will bloom in the two last weeks of April.

  4. I wish you well! We have now a full-blown fascist government with neo-Nazis at the highest levels. This is something I believed could never happen here.

  5. I think, Jedidja, that we will see an uprising of the right-wing populism before a change, by Christ, takes place. What is happening is that the sinner is feeling lousy, and in need of a power to give correction. What is also happening, is that many feel vulnerable, since there is no morale. We will see a further strengthening of the police and of the military forces. That will continue to happen even if your right-wing populist party, I hear on the radio right now, did not come to power. And the stupidity will not end before there is an awakening by Christ. But we are Christian. We are not without history. And our children will be a reaction, which, I believe, will be most fun. What _I_ do and will do is to put things straight, and the matter of sex is essential in that respect. Our children will and shall be free.

  6. Having recently been through a big election, I can sympathize. I think flowers are much more interesting than elections! Have a lovely day.

  7. I'm happy about this vote!

  8. Praying for your nation as well as ours. God is at work in our midst, even when we don't understand how or why. I do love your daffodils and hibiscus! Spring is in the air! So lovely. Be at peace, my dear friend!

  9. Good morning Jedidja, your photos are great. I love the pretty flowers and your lit globe, and find the others very interesting. I hope the results for your elections will be to your liking. There is a lot of unrest here still.

  10. Well done to voters in The Netherlands! 80% turnout is impressive! Glad to see the result.

    The flower photos are beautiful.

  11. Wauw, prachtige foto, die allerlaatste! Ik stemde in ons dorpshuis. Idd is het meestal een ietwat saaie gebeurtenis dat stemmen;), maar gelukkig komen dan een korte tijd later ook al de uitslagen binnen, en dat moment is wel altijd eventjes spannend:)!


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