Monday, 19 June 2017

Persistent Heat in the Netherlands

Today, Tuesday and Thursday it will be the tropical warm in the Netherlands. We are advised to drink plenty of water, wear thin clothes, avoid exercise during the hot afternoon hours and stay in the shade as much as possible. This morning I received an email from my son's school:

"Dear parents, we plan to hold a water festival with groups 5 - 8, starting at 14.30. We use the fire hose. The children always enjoy it very much. They get a quarter to dry up before they go home."

 I hope they will have lots of fun.

... and in the shadow 35 degrees

Tropisch warm hier. Op de basisschool gaan ze een watergevecht houden. Nog geen tropenrooster maar een watergevecht is ook erg leuk! Mijn zoon reed na het eten gauw nog even langs de speelgoedwinkel voor een waterpistool. Ze gebruiken ook de brandslang. Mijn dochter zat even buiten te leren maar ... vond het toch te warm, ondanks de meloen.

Mo eating melon and learning literature

All about Vondel and Revius :-)

Below you can see one of the first hydrangeas in our garden! Every evening we are watering them to prevent the plants from dying. I also found a flower in our garden, of which I don't know the name. Is it weed? Or not? Ik took a photo. So... I hope you know the name of it.

De hortensia begint zo mooie te worden in onze tuin! We sproeien nu iedere avond, ook om te voorkomen dat de buxus doodgaat. Ik ontdekte ook een plantje in onze tuin dat er heel leuk uitziet. Maar misschien is het onkruid. Ik maakte er een foto van, na het sproeien. Ken jij het?

Our hysrangeas blooms!

Swallow and dove
I share also a short video.  You can hear the voice of a swallow and a dove.  Ooooh and you can also hear our airco :-) Have a nice day!

Fijne dag!


  1. In find it very fun that our weather is so similar to yours! We are getting very warm also. And our hydrangea just bloomed, too. I do not know the name of your mystery bloom, but it is lovely. Happy summer to you!

  2. Your weather sounds like Florida weather! Warm and humid! We've had lots of rain as well. Praying the tropical storms steer in a different direction, however. Love hydrangeas...and the other flower is lovely...don't know what it is...but even if it is a's beautiful! Enjoy your summer! Watermelon is always a good way to hydrate and cool off!!

  3. I imagined the weather being much cooler where you are! We will remember these temps in the cold winter, won't we!! Have a blessed day.

  4. My goodness. It's hotter where you are than it is here in Florida. Who would think that could happen. Good advice, though, on how to beat the heat!

  5. Ja,het zijn echte zomerse temperaturen.
    Leuk,je filmpje met de koerende duif.

    Groetjes Ans

  6. Stay cool. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  7. We have the severe heat most of the summer here in Alabama. We do just the things that you were advised to do Aritha. Thank goodness for Air Conditioning. How did I grow up without it???I guess it is just what you become accustomed to!

  8. I hope things cool down for you. My daughter is in her London office now and it is also very hot there.
    I have asked about the plant in my garden group on Facebook. I will let you know if they can identify it. :)

    1. It is Houttuynia cordata
      a flowering plant native to Japan, Korea, southern China, and Southeast Asia, where it grows in moist, shady places.
      In English, it is known as fish mint, fish leaf, lizard tail, chameleon plant, heartleaf, fishwort, and bishop's weed

    2. Annie thank you so much! It's true: now I know also the Dutch name for it.

  9. Wow, that is some serious heat you are going through. Stay cool because you are cool. :)

  10. Wow that is hot!!
    Sounds like a great way to stay cool.
    That melon looks nice and refreshing.

  11. Oh my! That is too hot for me. Stay cool if possible.

  12. Ha Aritha, mooie en leuke blog, zo van alles en nog wat.Lijkt me heerlijk 'n water gevecht, leren met dit weer, nee dat valt niet mee. Het plantje, nee ik ken het niet.
    groet Kees.

  13. I don't enjoy the extreme heat....a few summers ago we had several days over 100 degrees F. I hope I never see/feel that again.

    I love your flowers, I did not knowant the name of the one so was glad someone did.

  14. That is far too hot for me! Yikes! I like it to be 75 F. like it was today, with a nice breeze and sunny skies. just about perfect here in Wisconsin. Hope you get a break from the heat.


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