Monday, 27 November 2017


Late fall and winter are the best times to have traditional Dutch food: hot oliebollen from a stand and stamppot. One thing isn't nice! That is that the days are really short in November and December. It's a little gloomy and a little damp. There can be drizzly rain combined with strong wind and that makes our umbrellas useless. But... sometimes we can see the moon and the stars too. I love that!

Brigt moon above houses

Wet shoes and blue umbrella


Ik moet echt wennen aan het winterseizoen. Het is nog donker als de kinderen naar school gaan. En na het avondeten is er geen sprankeltje zonlicht meer te zien. Gelukkig zijn er dingen die het wat gezelliger maken. Zoals de lichtbak hieronder. Ik kreeg het voor mijn verjaardag. Vorige week had ik deze Bijbeltekst neergezet: Ik ben het licht (Jezus). 

I am the Light

Ik gebruik ook iedere dag trouw mijn daglichtlamp. Dat helpt! Ik doe dat al vijf jaar! Hieronder foto's van de cupcakes die ik woensdag maakte. Ze waren echt zo lekker met veel chocolade. En ik zocht ook alvast mijn ster op. Die hangt nu voor het keukenraam. Iets te vroeg, 't is nog geen advent maar wel bijna toch?


It's Friday now (yes, yes!!!) and I want to share a cupcake photo. It is cold here in the Netherlands and then I like to bake something. These cupcakes are full of pieces of dark chocolate. Oh and I was looking for my crocheted Christmas star and here it is. Now this nice one is hanging in the kitchen window. I love the gold in it 💛

My Christmas star

Choco cupcakes


  1. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Winter months are always difficult. No wonder ancient cultures celebrated certain days marking significant times of the year. We even celebrate today with joy or other rituals when the longest day has come so we can look forward to the lighter days ahead.

  3. Mooi de eerste foto met de molen in het midden. Heerlijke cakes hhmm. en 'n mooie spreuk. Hij IS het licht in de duisternis.
    Groet kees.

  4. Beautiful photos. The windmill looks fantastic and the moon is nice to see. Those little cakes look delicious.
    Have a wonderful weekend Aritha.

  5. The days are shorter here as well. I don't really like it but the long evenings do lend themselves to crafting and reading and baking, all things that I like.

  6. Walk in the light!
    There is something cosy about being in the house on a frosty day, after a brisk walk in the cold.

  7. Oh I love to bake....would rather bake than cook! Cupcakes look so yummy! Here in Nashville TN we are having some strange weather, to warm. Nights and mornings at in the 30s but the highs are hitting right at the 70s. I love it but I really want some cold snowy days!

  8. Your first photo with the windmill and that beautiful sky is gorgeous!

  9. Your star is pretty and the cupcakes sound so good. It gets dark really early here too :(

  10. Your cocoa cupcakes look moist and Yummy, and I love that Christmas star. I wish I had a cupcake to go with my tea right now. : )



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