Saturday, 24 February 2018


While I was drinking tea, I sorted the puzzle pieces. And in between I took time to photograph a few birds through the window. I bought this puzzle in the thrift store. He is old but complete.

Theedrinken, puzzelen en vogels observeren. Dat is iets dat ik heel graag doe in de voorjaarsvakantie! Deze puzzel kocht in een kringloop winkel. Hij is best oud denk ik, maar compleet.



  1. What beautiful looking birds, I love the European robin, it's a cutie. The blackbird is very pretty. My grandmother loved doing puzzles, there was always one spread out on her table.
    Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Wat een leuke puzzel is dat.
    En bijzonder,dat hij ook nog eens compleet is.
    Ja,heerlijk hè,vogels in je tuin.

    Groetjes Ans

  3. Have fun putting the puzzle together. Your Robin is lovely, but so different than ours.

  4. Ah so someone else likes to do puzzles too. : )
    Nice picture of the birds.

  5. Beautiful birds photos. I love puzzles or at least the idea of doing one some day, lol. When I was a child a lot of the grownups would put together complicated puzzles to while away the long winter evenings. I keep my eyes open for puzzles but seldom find any in the thrift that seem like they would have all their pieces. My niece is very good at doing puzzles so I sometimes buy her a new one. Enjoy yours.

  6. Leuke puzzel, met die oude taferelen.
    Mooi de merel en het Roodborstje.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  7. What a lovely puzzle! How many pieces are there?
    We do puzzles especially in Christmas time. It's wonderfully relaxing. Even the computer jigsaw puzzles are fun, but the "traditional" ones are so much better. :)
    You have photographed two beautiful birds, among the most iconic winter birds.
    Have a great new week!

  8. I enjoy doing puzzles. Have you done any of the 3D puzzles, I have done 7 of them. Your photos of the birds and puzzle pieces are very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Love your bird photos, they are great. That puzzle looks difficult :-) Take care and keep warm Diane

  10. Hallo Aritha, leuke spot en mooie therapie, het puzzelen.
    Groet Kees.

  11. This is a delightful jigsaw puzzle. I miss putting those together. And some lovely birds around your neck of the woods.



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