Friday, 14 September 2018


This morning my husband came back from his morning run and he said: "Aritha, it's so beautiful outside. I saw dewdrops on the reed plumes; all glinstering in the sunlight! You have to go too!"
So I left my vacuum cleaner and cycled to the meadows. (Below: bicycle path and the edge of the field)

Mijn man kwam thuis van het hardlopen en zei: het is zo mooi buiten al die dauwdruppels op het gras en op het riet. Je zou het moeten zien. En zo kwam het dat ik mijn stofzuiger midden in de keuken achterliet, mijn fototoestellen zocht en ging fietsen!

I saw so many beautiful flowers, dew drops, sunbeams between the reeds plumes. It was very beautiful and so nice to be there alone. I share some pictures of wildflowers. I take the photos with my husband's camera.

Ik zag mooie bloemen, dauwdruppels op het gras, zonnestralen tussen de ritselende blaadjes en de bewegende rietpluimen aan de andere kant van het fietspad. Het was heel mooie en rustgevend daar. Ik had dit niet op mijn planning staan. Hoe leuk om het af en toe eens anders te doen!

The most beautiful? All the stunning yellow flowers in the golden light of the rising sun! The photos below I made with my little red photo camera.

Er was een klein stukje met oranje-gele bloemen. Daar heb ik echt heel lang stil gestaan om foto's te maken. Het was veel mooier dan op de foto's. Als ik mijn ogen dicht doe, zie ik het nog steeds voor me. Ik probeerde het te vangen met mijn lens maar dat ging niet zo gemakkelijk als ik dacht.

I picked some (other) yellow flowers. Photographed the bicycle tunnel and my bike plus my own shadow 👀

Time to go home!

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  1. Wonderful caputures today. I'm glad you quit cleaning and took a ride.

  2. Your husband described the day so poetically, how good he convinced you to go out.

  3. What a fantastic morning, glad you took to the bike for your morning ride. Very creative last shot.

  4. Very beautiful scenes. I too like to spend time alone outside especially in a quiet area. Have a wonderful weekend Aritha.

  5. Aren't you glad you took your husbands advice! : ) Sounds like a lovely morning, much better than housework.

  6. Great photos. Lovely flowers and scenes. Have a blessed evening and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  7. Prachtige foto's, is toch heerlijk even zo hup weg te gaan en de natuur de beleven.
    De stofzuiger wacht wel.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  8. The morning was so worth going cycling and taking photos! :)
    Lovely photos, Aritha. Have a blessed Sunday!

  9. I am glad you followed your husband's advice. These pictures are amazing.Housework will still be there later, but the morning dew will not wait.

  10. So pretty. I see you picked some flowers too. Very nice. My aunt was born in Netherlands and always went back each year to visit.She missed it so much.

    1. Aaaah, show her the photos! I can sent more!

  11. Beautiful!

    Our week has been rainy. We had a hurricane! Everything is fine here, but there is flooding further south.

  12. Your hubby was so sweet to tell you to go out and see the beauty, too. You take such awesome fotos !💜

  13. What a nice bike trail this is, very groomed and nicely kept up. It's wonderful that you ride your bike around your town. I used to many years ago, and I always want to get back at it.

    Have a splendid week, Aritha.


  14. I am so glad you left the cleaning and went out for a ride.
    A lovely selection of photographs here.

    Happy Days

    All the best Jan


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