Tuesday, 4 September 2018


My red sunflower. Do you also love the unique colors: red and gold? It's a midsize dwarf sunflower.

Hier is ie dan: mijn rode zonnebloem. Van dichtbij lijkt hij wel van goud. Het is een mini zonnebloem. Kijk maar naar de andere foto's.

So small...
little bit gold
Mini sunflower
I am also waiting for a other red sunflower. I already saw two or three orange petals coming out of the bud...  

On the video you see a bud of the red sunflower and another button. Also black ants and lots of lice...

Op de video hierboven zie je de "rode" knop van een andere zonnebloem die meer "midi" is. Plus luizen en mieren. Die zie je ook 😉


  1. What a beautiful sunflower and it looks lovely in red and gold.

  2. I absolutely do love your red sunflower. It ushers in the autumn season in a perfect way.

  3. The little red and gold sunflower is beautiful.

  4. Aritha such a gorgeous sunflower. I have a similar one blooming in my garden. I think the small ones are just as lovely as the larger. Truth be told I have never met a flower I didn't love. How about you? Have a beautiful day.

  5. LOVE the color of this sunflower. Just perfect for fall.

  6. That is a beautiful flower. I like how you took note of the back side as well. It is quite pretty as well.

  7. That is one gorgeous flower, Aritha. I've never seen a red sunflower before, very unusual for me. The colors look like Autumn, my favorite season of all.

    Happy September!


  8. Delightfully bright. Little bit gold is my favorite.

  9. Hij is prachtig.
    Mooie kleur.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  10. Prachtig Mirthe, Deze bloem laat zich graag bekijken. De kleur steekt goed af.
    Groet kees.

  11. Beautiful. We see so much of the gold sunflowers here, but not red.

  12. This is the first time I seen a red sunflower we only have the yellow ones here. Your photos are beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. The red sunflower in your pictures is a delightful sight! No color can compete with red which is heart-warming, and conveys energy and joy.


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