Friday, 25 January 2019


Two people walking on forest path

Check-out our nature area Kwintelooijen. It is situated on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, which is a high sand ridge. Characteristic of the area are the deep erosion valleys, prehistoric burial mounds, beech paths and the transitions between hills and valleys.


I drove carefully to Kwintelooijen and parked my car. Breath! Forests are often dubbed the lungs of the earth. Oh, and what a beautiful, white world! It was freezing. The sky was gray, but it was nice to take a long walk through the woods!

Climbing a snowy hill

Children and their parents sled and slide down a snow-covered hill 

Descending the snowy staircase

En ... alles ziet er anders als de zon schijnt. De foto's hierboven lijken zo kleurloos.Toen ik bijna wegging, kwam de zon tevoorschijn en ik heb toen nog maar een extra rondje gelopen. Het leek een heel andere wereld opeens.


Kwintelooijen is heel dichtbij ons. Het is prachtig natuurgebied waar ik graag kom. Vroeger al, toen de kinderen nog klein waren. Maar nu nog steeds. De bossen zijn zo mooi. Ik hoorde veel vogels, zag wildsporen en toen ik verder het bos inliep, leek het of  ik alleen op de wereld was. Ademhalen! Heel diep ademhalen. Toen het tijd was om naar huis te gaan dronk ik koffie in de auto. De weg terug was vrij simpel maar mijn kan van de weg was nog besneeuwd. Wel uitkijken dus!

Sunshine appears!

Winter Coffee in my car

  • How's your week been so far? What’s been the best part of it?
  • Hoe was jouw week en wat was het mooist?


  1. Beautiful scenes. A walk in the woods is a wonderful thing to do during winter and coffee is essential!

  2. Wonderful captures, and beautifully lit!

    I'm dealing with a bit of a sore throat at present, unfortunately.

  3. Brrrrrr but very beautiful. Too cold for me 😊 Keep warm Diane

  4. Great photos. This post brought back good memories when we would get our sleds out when it snowed in northern California. It has been cold here in Alabama so I have been staying in and embroidering my pillow cases. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. A nice brisk walk in the freezing cold weather, bravo to you Aritha. A hot cup of coffee is surely welcomed afterwards. Nice photos!

  6. Does your cup say, "I hear the fingerprints of God"?

  7. These photos are lovely.The area looks very scenic.

  8. Snow is in our forecast again--snow and extreme cold.

  9. A great snowy place to walk. Beautiful.

  10. What a beautiful place to the scenes you chose to share and I love your coffee cup.

    My week has not been bad at all, though I am tired. I did finish a baby quilt I have had started a while.

  11. Prachtig deze foto's van dit mooie stuk natuur.
    Heerlijk zo lekker genieten van de natuur.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  12. Heerlijk Aritha, 'n wandeling door de sneeuw, helaas van korte duur.
    Groet Kees.

  13. Mijn week was mooi.
    De mooie maan voor in de week.
    En het wandelen in de sneeuw.


  14. What a beautiful walk through the forest, Aritha. It looks so cold, but so much loveliness in nature. I'm glad you got to experience this.


  15. Like you, I'm watching it snow this evening from Inside. :-)


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