Monday, 22 April 2019


It's spring in the Dutch orchards! And an orchard in bloom is a beautiful sight. I love to see the flowering fruit trees. You too? We went for a drive through the Betuwe. That is an area with many orchards and all kinds of fruit trees. If you've ever smelled the scent of  this blossom, you will never forget it.

VIDEO about the Betuwe.

Bloesem. Overal bloesem. We gingen toeren, een week terug, langs wat boomgaarden en maakten hier en daar wat foto's. Heel mooi was het. Heb jij dit jaar de boomgaarden al gezien? Welke bloesem is het mooist volgens jou? Ik hou vooral van de perenbloesem.


Are there fruit trees blooming in your area? 


  1. All the flowering trees in the orchard - the pink ones are so pretty. Is that you by the horse? Love that white horse, she's a beauty. Yes, the flowers are all blooming, and we are in full Spring here. : )

    Have a splendid week, Aritha.


  2. Beautiful pictures. Those blossoms are delicate and so pretty.

  3. Ha Aritha, prachtige foto's van de bloesems.
    Groet Kees.

  4. Great set of photos well done. Hope all is well Diane

  5. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Prachtig foto's.
    Wat mooi staat deze bloesem erbij.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  7. Beautiful pictures that capture very well the delicacy of fruit trees blossoms. Thank you for the video that offers a nice trip through the peaceful Dutch countryside. I wish you a nice week, Aritha!

  8. Zo mooi de bloesembomen.
    Ik vind de appelbloesem het mooist.

  9. The Spring flowers and blossom trees around our neighbourhood are looking lovely.

    I enjoyed seeing the video and your lovely photographs … such beautiful blossom.

    All the best Jan

  10. I've had the urge recently to photograph some vineyards.

  11. Lovely! We won't see blooms of that kind here until sometime in May, usually the second half of the month.

  12. Such pretty blossoms! Our trees are in bloom as well though we did have an unexpected storm earlier this week that I'm afraid some of the trees did not like. But all in all spring really is a very nice season.

  13. Prachtig foto's van de bloesem!

  14. Het is herfst in mijne stadt. In August hebben we velen amandelbomen met rosa bloemen. Ik heb een 'Manchurian Pear' perenboom. De witte bloesems ziet als sneeuw uit omdat allemaal met wit betdekt is.


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