Monday, 15 October 2018


We went to the forest on Saturday. We live near the Utrecht Hill Ridge. That's is a ridge of low sandhills that stretches in a direction from southeast to northwest over the Dutch province of Utrecht and over a part of North Holland. On the southeastern side the ridge rises sharply from the valley of the Nederrijn (“Lower Rhine”). Here the famous Grebbeberg (Grebbe Mountain) forms a landmark (52 m. high) where Battle of the Grebbeberg took place in 1940 as important part of Battle of the Netherlands.

It is always a bit strange to walk through this forest. So many soldiers were killed here in the Second World War

Ik kan in deze omgeving nooit wandelen, zonder aan de tweede wereldoorlog te denken. Mijn ouders waren toen kinderen en woonden in Rotterdam. Maar het idee dat hier zo gevochten is...

The story goes that almost every (old) tree on the Grebbeberg still has the remains of bullets and shrapnel from the battle that was fought here in the May days of 1940

We klommen omhoog via een meters hoge trap: 260 treden brengen. Pffff.... wat een klim. Boven op de Greb hadden we een prachtig uitzicht over het natuurgebied de Blauwe Kamer.

We'll climb a staircase with 260 steps on the Grebbeberg. Our reward: such a beautiful view over De Blauwe Kamer.

 We saw old oaks and beeches. There were typical forest plants here such as salomon's seal, foxglove and bracken. Along the steep slope from mountain to river grows blackthorn, hazel and marjoram.

Prachtige bomen en struiken hier. En "onkruid" zoals korensla, korenbloem, slofhak, kleine leeuwenklauw, rood guichelheil, bleke klaproos en akkerleeuwenbek.

Ik zag ook nog wat paddenstoelen. Verschillende soorten. Dat vind ik altijd zo mooi! De namen weet ik niet. Jij wel?

I also saw some mushrooms. Different types of. So beautiful! I do not know the names. Do you?

👉 Do you love walking in the Forest?


  1. Aritha - your pictures of the forest are beautiful. As I read your words about World War 2 and thinking of all the wounded and dead that fell there...makes it seem so bittersweet. Enjoyed seeing you taking your walk too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your photos show a beautiful place for walking. It is unfortunate that this place holds such sad memories.

  3. Superb photos and views! Sadly there are many beautiful places that are actually cemeteries as a result of bloody wars in the area.

  4. There is quite a lot of dark history in that beautiful forest. Your photos show just how pretty it is there.

  5. Such memories! God forgive us for the insane things we do.

  6. A beautiful forest to walk in, your photos show its beauty well. Its sad history will always be remembered and maybe people can learn from it.

  7. Ha Mirthe, inderdaad 'n prachtige bosrijke omgeving. Mooie foto overzicht heb je er van gemaakt.
    groet Kees.

  8. The view is incredible. I think my father has mentioned this place.

  9. A beautiful walk. Interesting to hear the history, even though it is a sad one.

  10. Beautiful photos during your walk.
    Yes, I love walking in the forest, I live in one. : )

  11. Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt.
    Mooi stukje natuur ,maar ik snap je gevoel erbij.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  12. Ik ken het gebied en heb er dezelfde gevoelens bij.

  13. I so enjoyed this post. Great photos of a historical forest. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Ik wandel graag in het bos.

    Ik ben al jaren bezig om bij huis een Tiny Forest te maken.
    Het begint er op te lijken.


  15. I love the forests and the mountains, Aritha, more than the ocean. But it saddened me that a battle was fought here and that remains of the war are still around the trees. The white mushroom is such an unusual looking one, and one I've never seen before.


  16. Wat een mooie foto's van deze gedenkwaardige plek.

  17. You've shared some beautiful photographs, thank you.

    All the best Jan

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  19. I do love walking in the forest. What a beautiful place!



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