Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Gisteren heb ik mijn best gedaan om het huis koel te houden. Gisteravond voor het eerst de tuin gesproeid en vandaag merk ik dat de warmte naar binnen komt. Er is geen wolkje te zien: strakblauwe lucht en felle zon. Het Nationaal Hitteplan is inmiddels van kracht en het KNMI heeft code oranje afgekondigd. 

đŸŒ» Mijn eerste zonnebloem is bijna uitgebloeid. Gelukkig heb ik nog wat anderen staan. De lavendel ziet er ook heel treurig uit. Tijd om te snoeien?


Watering is necessary.


David, from Travel With Birds wrote in his comment:

 I always think of the Netherlands as being in a constant battle with water, so it almost seems odd that you needed rain!

It is so true, we are in a constant battle with water ... but  our country, usually wet, now invests in dealing with drought. The coming days are going to be extremely hot again with some places possibly even reaching highs of 40C! Read what Mina Solank is writing about code red for Dutch railways.

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Hello Sunshine
Ik pas me aan. We hebben een statiefventilator, zoiets als deze. Die is van mijn ouders geweest en ik heb hem meegenomen toen we het huis leeg moesten ruimen, na het overlijden van mijn vader. Het is een fijn ding.


Behind the house you can see my other sunflowers, growing in large flowerpots. Every day the leaves hang down limply (good English?) and I there is already sun damage. That's why I'm busy with the watering can. 

Sunburn damage

Achter het huis staan zonnebloemen in een bloempot. Iedere keer hangen de bladeren slap en er is ook al zonneschade te zien. Daarom druk in de weer met de watergieter. En omdat het zo lekker is giet ik ook water over mijn voeten natuurlijk.


And because the water is so fresh I also pour water on my feet. Of course.

Fijne dag (have a nice day)!


  1. We have been experiencing the same, high heat with no rain, it too has kept us busy watering. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That sounds terribly hot. Your sunflower face is cute. Even in our 70 degree weather here I water our patio plants every day or every other day. Yes, limply is perfect English.

  3. I would hate that heat, it's too hot. Stay cool!!!!

  4. This is very serious. Levels of heat this high, especially for prolonged periods are not only damaging for the flora and fauna but are dangerous for humans. For me, the ideal temperature range is from around 19 to 23. But if I have to deal with minus ten or forty above, give me the cold any time.

  5. That is a really pretty picture of the sunflower. Yes, I see the face! Even when they are drooping and wilting from the heat, they are still the loveliest flower. Your feet picture is delightful too. : )


  6. Sure sounds hot. Here where I live it doesn't usually get very hot and we get lots of rain.
    Our summer seems like one long spring.

  7. Love the sunflower face. Here in Florida it is very warm, but we have thunderstorms almost every afternoon right now, so that helps keep the flora and fauna hydrated. The rains also help cool it down just a little, but usually with a lot of high humidity, making it like a steam bath! So we must take the good with the bad. Just praying we don't get any hurricanes this year.

  8. Try to stay in a cool place during that heat. The poor plants look rather thirsty.

  9. The same thing happened to my sunflower leaves because it has been quite hot here too and I didn't go and water for 5 days.

  10. Let's enjoy now..as long as it is summer!
    Also here in Finland we need rain, anyway.

  11. Ook bruin heeft de Zonnebloem nog zijn schoonheid.

    Groettie van Patricia.

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  13. Sorry my fingers were not working as they should!!! Sounds much the same as here, many of our communes are on water rationing. Thank goodness we can still water but..... Take care and keep cool, Diane

  14. We're getting back into heat after a few days break.


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