Saturday, 7 January 2017

The First Snow

Did you know there are flowers that bloom in the winter? I saw beautiful yellow flowers near the mill. Too chilly to take pictures but I tried it. Do you see the glazed frost on the petals?
Bloemen in de sneeuw
Prachtige gele bloemetjes die de tuin opfleuren in de winter. Ik zag ze vanmorgen tijdens mijn wandeling naar de molen. Het was bitter koud en ik kon het knopje van mijn fototoestel bijna niet vinden. Maar ik wilde deze bloemetje zo graag op de foto met de ijzel erbij.

When the sky is beautiful blue, I can make better mill photos. Today the sky was overcast and greyish white. But I enjoyed the walk and I love the sound of snow under my shoes.
Ik houd van ...
Als de lucht mooie blauw is kan je veel mooiere foto's maken denk ik. Vandaag was het bewolkt. Beetje vuilwit. Maar ik genoot van de wandeling en ik houd van het geluid van de knisperende sneeuw onder mijn schoenen.


After ten minutes I went back home. I saw the small houses with the willows. A woman walked with a bag full bottles to the bottle bank. An umbrella for the sleet. I also noticed a very cool car in our street.

Cool car
Na tien minuten ging ik weer terug naar huis. Ik kwam nog langs de huisjes met de knotwilgen. Een mevrouw liep met een tas vol flessen voor de glasbak. En een paraplu voor de ijzel. En ik zag ook een heel leuke auto in onze straat staan.

How was your day today?
Hoe was jouw dag vandaag?


  1. Love the flower and winter photo and had a chuckle with the windshield of the car one. Here it is cold and waiting for another snow fall this evening into tomorrow. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

  2. Jeddija it was nice day at my place but too cold -14 degrees during the day..Your place is lovely I would likt to visit your country one day. I was in your country many times while travelling to england. What about seeds I think we can exchange seeds of flower from our countries. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Wow, wat een prachtige foto van die ijsbloemetjes!<3
    En gezellige foto's! Fijn zo'n wandelingetje in de sneeuw!

  4. Jedidja, it is 23 degrees here in the so called Sunny South. No snow but bitter wind. However by Wednesday it will be in the 60s!! Those are hardy little flowers!! Pansies will be the flowers most likely to make it through winter here. I loved seeing the picture of the windmill.

  5. De foto's met de ijsbloemetjes, zijn heel fraai Jedidja. Die auto is heel leuk, goed gezien.

  6. We have not had a lot of snow yet this winter, but today we experienced very cold temperatures, -17 degrees C. Do you have many sunny days or mostly overcast? We tend to go back and forth between the two. I love sunshine.

  7. Love the photos of the yellow gorse flowers! We have some in bloom here too!
    Great shots of the windmill & cool car!

  8. I heard the snow crunching under my feet today too. : )
    Haven't seen any flowers blooming around here and if there are any they are buried in the snow!
    My day has been a good one.

  9. I like the frost on the flowers, it looks lovely and also cold. Enjoy the snow, can't say I miss it but I do enjoy looking at it.

    About the sea glass and pottery crafts, here are some links on my wife's blog so you can see.

  10. I did not know of any flowers that bloom when it is so cold, except sometimes spring flowers bloom before the snow is all gone. But usually the weather is some warmer. I enjoyed the pictures, even if the sky was not blue :)

  11. The ice coated plants are beautiful.

  12. Ha Jedidja, heel fraai, de foto´s van de molen zijn prachtig,
    Groetjes kees.

  13. Beautiful winter photos. The windscreen brightens up the day.

  14. What a beautiful flower. I have one about to bloom but can't recall the name and I'm wondering if the 12° weather didn't kill the flower. Stay safe and warm, sweet Friend.

  15. Prachtig de foto's van de bloemen met de ijzel erop.
    Mooi ook de molen.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  16. Great photos. Love the one with the ice on the flower and the car. Have a blessed day and stay warm. It is cold here most of the snow has melted except where the sun does not shine on it. Madeline

  17. These winter shots are great! Love the face on the car.


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