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Here I am again. Duta and HappyOne have mentioned Gouda Cheese in their response to my stained glass photos...that's why I share some Gouda Cheese photos now.

WikipediaGoudse kaas, "cheese from Gouda") is a mild, yellow cheese, originating from the Netherlands, made from cow's milk. It is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide. When you are here in The Netherlands, you can visit the traditional cheese market takes place every Thursday morning. As in past times, the farmers and traders seal their bargains for the best cheeses through clapping hands. 

When we visited the city of Gouda it wasn't market day, so I share a photo taken by W4media. It is a nice picture 😍 

My hubby and I visited 't Kaaswinkeltje. That is a very special little store in the heart of the old Gouda inner city. It is the only store in Holland selling exclusively Gouda’s farmer’s cheese. 

You can find it on Facebook: HERE

I am walking to the cheese shop (with Dutch flags)

Small cheese

Very large cheese

Ruscello cheese
Made from cow's milk, goat's milk with pepper and paprika 
Beautiful souvenirs (and tasty)
It was so busy in the store. Many people bought cheese. I heard different language around me: English, German, Frensch ... We left the shop and walked into another street. There we saw the canal house (the cheese shop) from a different side.

And look: Gouda cheese in the water 💛

Voor mensen die Nederlands lezen: bovenstaand verhaaltje ging over ons bezoekje aan 't Kaaswinkeltje in Gouda. We zijn er niet zo lang geweest. Het was er heel druk. Maar wel leuk. Vooral het proeven van al die verschillende soorten! 

Hier thuis zijn we echt kaaseters. Mijn schoonzoon werkt zelfs in een kaasfabriek! Ronde kazen zijn echt loodzwaar volgens hem. Ik hou vooral van spikkeltjeskaas.

I like cheese so much, I eat it almost every day.

Mijn tosti  - cheese toastie today

Do you like cheese?


  1. I love cheese!

    What gives the Ruscello its color?

    1. Green paprika and a dash of spicy pepper.

  2. Great photos of Gouda town! Yes, I love cheese - eat mostly Gouda & Brie!

  3. I love cheese and I have eaten Gouda. It is very good. Beautiful photos friend. Hugs!

  4. wow :D thanks for sharing, I love cheese :)

  5. A very interesting post. Enjoyed it very much. Great photos. Yes I do like cheese. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Gouda is my favourite kind of cheese, especially the spiced version.

  7. I love gouda cheese, I'm having some on my sandwich tonight. :)

  8. I also am very fond of Gouda cheese. Thanks for this little tour.

  9. I love cheese...also Dutch cheese, of course!!

  10. If I have one food weakness it is cheese! I eat it every single day. I am sure it is a great calcium source but simultaneously not good on account of the fat. But I love it! And if there is a glass of wine to go with it so much the better!

  11. Gouda is one of my favorite cheeses. Enjoyed watching the video!

    When you commented on my blog about "knijpers" (clothespins) I had to tell you this. My grandparents came from Holland and my mom used to give me what she called a "knijpe" when I misbehaved. It was a pinch with a twist to it! Now I can see where the name came from!!

  12. Reading this post made me VERY hungry for cheese... or perhaps a cheese toastie! The very large cheeses on pallets at the Gouda Cheese Market look impressive.

  13. I love Gouda cheese Aritha. The last time I passed through Amsterdam I was able to eat a lot of cheese and that was a huge treat. I enjoyed all your photos.

  14. Leuke plaats Gouda.
    Leuk dat je er geweest bent.
    Zoveel kaas te zien.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  15. I've got one of those "wheels" in my fridge right now--well, part of a wheel anyway. :-)

  16. I love cheese and that store looks like a pretty wonderful place! So glad you and hubby were able to get away for a few days!

  17. Hi Aritha, Yes, I love cheese and eat it almost every day. This is an interesting post about Gouda! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Wow, look at all this cheese! Jess is such a cheese lover, and she would enjoy this post. Such a charming shop to browse through and look at all the different kinds of cheeses. I'd like to try the paprika one. That sandwich looks so good. You look lovely walking in the street with your long hair. I have long brown hair too, my friend. : )


  19. Heerlijk al die kazen.
    Ik vind spikkeltjes kaas ook heerlijk.

    Mooie stad Gouda.

  20. Hallo Aritha, geweldig die kaasmarkt, en hoe leuk dat je mijn vroegere baas op de foto heb weten te zetten, die man met de witte jas, Het is de heer L. Vergeer van het kaas verwerkingsbedrijf Familie Vergeer uit Reeuwijk. Ik heb daar zo'n 13 jaar gewerkt, tot aan mijn pensioen. Dank je wel voor deze verrassing.
    Groetjes kees.

  21. Such an interesting post, thank you.
    I loved seeing your photographs.

    I do enjoy eating cheese :)

    All the best Jan


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