Wednesday, 29 August 2018


My husband sent me beautiful photos from the city of Zierikzee. Medieval walls, gates, churches, towers of long-gone days are still there. It is a picturesque city, that attracts many day trip visitors who are interested in the glorious past.

Tower of the city hall of Zierikzee.

Mijn man is met onze zoons op vakantie geweest (terwijl ik ziek thuis was). En omdat hij wist dat ik heel graag foto's van Zierikzee wilde hebben stuurde hij er een paar op. Het was zonet een hele zoektocht om de namen erbij te vinden. Ik ben zelf in Zeeland geboren en vroeger ben ik wel eens in Zierikzee geweest. 

Ik kon me eigenlijk alleen die plompe toren herinneren!

An old Dutch drawbridge

Below you see the Sint-Lievensmonstertoren.  It is a 62 metre tall, unfinished, free standing church tower. The accompanying church was destroyed by a fire in 1832.

In 1454 work started on a church tower, designed by Andries I Keldermans in the Brabantine Gothic style. It was planned to be, according to different sources, either 130 metres or 204 metres tall (the latter would have made it the tallest church tower in the world by far). Work on the tower halted in 1530, when the city went through a financial crisis. The tower is now 62 metres tall, on a base of 24.5 metres by 24.5 metres. Since 1881, it is a property of the state, and it has been designated a Rijksmonument.

The name Saint-Livinus Monster Tower doesn't refer to monsters, but to a minster 😇 (Source: Wikipedia)

Saint-Livinus Monster Tower (dikke toren)


Lees HIER meer over de toren! (NL)

Plein Montmaertre with frog fountain

Groetjes uit Zierikzee!


  1. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing with us. Hope all is well Diane

  2. I love all your photos. It seems like a beautiful and perfect summer day.

  3. Like that draw bridge and would like to walk across it.
    Beautiful architecture and that bright blue sky is beautiful too.

  4. What a beautiful place to be. The drawbridge is unique, I love bridges. The architecture is beautiful. Thanks for sharing these nice photos Aritha.

  5. Prachtige foto's.
    Wat jammer dat je er niet bij kon zijn.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  6. Great photos of a beautiful city. I enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Very nice photographs, lovely to see.

    All the best Jan

  8. Amazing photos Aritha. Hubby seems to be very talented as well. Looks like such a gorgeous place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Very interesting! I have never been in a place like these pictures! Thank you for sharing with us!

  10. The churches look ancient! Are they building new churches?


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